Traffic shaping on a BGP session

2 routers from 2 different AS are connected through 2 ATM virtual


                  > AS1717 | ----------C1---------

  > AS5511 |

INTERNAL | R1 | ---------|
----------| R2 | EXTERNAL
EBGP Peering is set between AS 1717 and 5511.
We would like to do traffic shaping on the incoming trafic on the two
virtual circuits : All routes but a few shall be annouced via circuit 1;
the remaining routes shall be annouced via circuit 2.

We were planning on doing it via route-maps, however there is only one


peering between 1717 and 5511; another solution would be to set up a


route on R2 to reach the last route via C2.

The former solution would be better while communities could be used to
select the "remaining" routes.

Questions :
Is it possible to set up two BGP peerings between the same AS (i.e. two