traffic filtering

In the referenced message, Stephen Griffin said:


I'm curious about how many networks completely filter all traffic to
any ip address ending in either ".0" or ".255".

Just to clarify, since a lot of the messages I'm receiving seem to indicate
I was unclear. I'm not trying to determine how I should filter. I'm
trying to determine how many other networks filter in such a manner that
traffic to/from legitimate hosts is blocked.

One solution, rather than completely filter particular ip addresses, is
to simply rate-limit either/both icmp echo request/icmp echo response
message types. This should allow these other networks the ability to
mitigate smurfs, while still allowing traffic from legitimate ip addresses.

We had to move some ADSL /32's off the .0 address because some idiots
out there were filtering on /24 boundaries. Demon never allocates
dialup /32's on .0 or .255, because there are misconfigured setups out