> > 10 arpanet^255.255.2 ( 178 ms 228 ms 234 ms
> Looks like someone wanted to assign a serial network and didn't have time
> to look at their internal network assignment maps... I advise 'ip unn'
> for times like that :slight_smile:

Ack! ip unn wrecks havoc with net managers, causing all kinds of grief :wink:

I think that it would be "a good thing" for companies to start using
the ips in RFC 1918 for internal ips on Serial Interfaces. This way, you are
able to still reach Serial interfaces via ips where ip unn you can't.

Seriously, I'd agree that internals should use the reserved space. With
the poliferation of thousands of frame-relay PVC's (T-3 frame-relay is
here, folks!), and the penchant of using point-to-point rather than
multipoint interfaces, you'll end up dedicating lots of blocks just for
the serial lines. Well, not lots and lots ... but we are at the
point of the NIC enforcing /27 assignments right now ...

But, to do so, you would have to have filters on. If not it could cause

Ahem ... just where is that condom I left lying around ... :wink:

Β Β rob