Toronto bell canada central office fire

Unnamed Administration sources reported that Sean Donelan said:

The mistake is assuming there is only one "Book." Even telephone
companies make this mistake. There Book isn't always the best way
to do some things.

There is/was the Book according to Ma Bell (now telcordia).
There is/was the Book according to IBM.
There is/was the Book according to DoD.
There is/was the Book according to USDA (yes, the US Department of
Agriculture has a book on how to build a Central Office).
There are the (many, many) Books according to ITU/ISO/ANSI/T1.

No fight there! I was referring specifically [but did not say
so..] to battery plants. No machines I have seen run on -48v as
a CO does, so Ma's rules can not be an EXACT fit.

But they at least HAD a Book. It is the cases where I see battery
plant intermixed with ci$co routers and CAT-5 & such cable draped
here there and everywhere, with loose ends flying around... that
scare me shitless. Would YOU work in an enviroment where there
was open 13.2KV with bare terminals under a collection of loose
wires? Yet the battery plant on a big UPS will make just as big
a boom.

USDA on CO's? Is that like their book on stumps that HillCritters
cite as an "Internet Bomb-making Source"...??