topological closeness....


You can be a vocal as you desire, but ultimately from this part of the
globe the dominant factor in any ISP business is the cost of the
International Private Lease. This lease cost is approximately 10 times
the cost of domestic infrastructure.

Now when you construct an IPL in a competitive environment where do
you terminate it? Generally you are loking for an optimal mix of price
and functionality. The observation for the AP region today is that the
cheapest IPL half circuits for the AP region terminate in the
US. Hence Randy's observation. The internal infrastructure within the
AP region happens in a second pass, once the primary objective of
major connectivity is achieved internal infrastructure can be cost
effective if there is internal traffic flow to match.

About the only thing that could hasten regional infrastructure is a
drastic revision of the trading practices and expectation of return on
investment by the undersea cable investors. Exchange points have
little impact per se as they are, in economic terms, a minor aspect of
the entire equation.



Exactly. And all the regional governments should realize that the best way
of shifting traffic from North America to their region is de-regulating
the international telecommunications market, scrapping monopolies and
increasing competition among carriers. That will result much more
effective than policy-making and verbal "declarations of independence".