topological closeness....

not even this is the case - you can guess but that may not always

If I could _enforce_ caching by traffic interception then
I could construct vaguely logical cache structures as an ISP.

But relying on users to configure their end systems with the
identity of the closest cache server using some ill defined
"network metric" is always going to be an erratic affair at best.


I was wondering if someone had gotten around to intercepting the port 80
traffic and redirecting it to a local caching proxy. Doesn't seem much
more difficult to do than NAT stuff and there are enough providers running
FreeBSD boxes and the like as gateway routers that it may be worth trying
as an experiment.

Now that Cisco is adding NAT capabilities to the standard IOS it appears
that these "non-routing" functions may not be too hard to get standardised
across a large part of the net.

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