We'd be happy to change this mapping to some other hostname (or CNAME
the inverse address), if the Sprint folks would prefer something
different :slight_smile:

Well, I wanted to name our private peerings after the
seven deadly sins, but maybe "somerouter.sprintlink.net"
is a good choice until the names are settled on this side.

That'll happen when the tactical build-out we began a week
and a half ago is completed in a few days.

Meanwhile, is sl-chi-15-H1/0-T3.sprintlink.net (anger) is sl-dc-1-H5/0-T3.sprintlink.net (sloth)
and is sl-stk-1-H9/0-T3.sprintlink.net (pride)

which are subject to move, and the mapping for the
remaining RRs are not nearly as firm...

Of course, I like Enke's suggestion too. :slight_smile: