Top-50 Report

Actually - as of this week I mailed it automatically to,,

However, for some reason I dont see the nanog message. not sure
why. This is partly a test to see if I see this one.


Tony Barber <> writes:
  * Tony Bates wrote:
  * >
  * >
  * >This is a list of the "Top 50" players who if CIDRizing at the AS level
  * >could make a significant gain in the reduction of the size of Internet
  * >routing tables. This may be an over-estimation but it is hoped that
  * >this can act as an incentive for the "Top 50" and others to look at
  * >their CIDR capability. This is a revival of report that used to be
  * >posted in the early days of CIDR deployment (we even had a cidrd list
  * >and working group then).
  * >
  * >This looks purely at the classful routes in the system and shows what gain
  * if
  * >cidrizing at the AS-level could be made by forming an aggregate.
  * >
  * > --Tony
  * >
  * >P.S. Same caveat about AS name mappings not working quite right yet.
  * >P.P.S. Unless there are loud objections I plan to automate this again soon
  * .
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