Top-50 Report

Sean Donelan writes:
}Will people please stop asking this question, it seems to put a jinx
}on the net. Everytime it gets asked, some major provider kills their
}network for a day, giving the answer to the question.

It's not just the multihoming question - I think this entire mailing
list is cursed in general. For example, one day after the UPS/generator
discussion died down a week or so ago, my 36kVA UPS powering all of my
central routers, ATM switches, hubs, DNS servers, network management
systems, and so forth blew up (and I've got the charred components
sitting behind me to prove it - it started off as a fairly routine
inverter failure, but the repair people suggested that we try turning
it back on, at which point the rectifier failed and the main capacitors
started busting their seals). We were fortunate in that the unit
flipped to bypass quickly enough that we didn't lose power to any
equipment, and we didn't have any power failures during the three day
period it took the repairmen to restore the unit to normal operation.