Top-50 Report

There is no question that more people are needing more reliable
connections to the net. With some education, tools, and the right
pricing models, people can be encouraged to get backup connectivity in
a manner that doesn't impact the size of the routing table.
Specifically, they should not announce any routes on their backup
connection unless their primary is down. ISPs should provide

Is there some trick here or are you saying that a duel homed ISP should
manually update their announcements when their primay pipe is down? I
think that, in theory, your statement makes sense, but I don't know how
one accomplishes it in practice. Outbound traffic is easy, but if one is
duel homed and wishes to have inbound traffic find their network "quickly"
and dynamically when their primary pipe is down, I believe it is necessary
to advertise ones routes via ones backup at all times.