Top-50 Report

On Sat, 14 Sep 1996 11:11:54 -0700
"Brett D. Watson" <> alleged:

  this is what i was getting at in my note a week ago or so. it
appears that many more networks are being announced by 2+ as's. so
i'm assuming we're sort of doomed to poor aggregation as more and
more people dual-home to providers.

Then one must ask, why are so many people finding it necessary to
become multi-homed? A lot of it is kind of a vicious wheel.
Because "NSP A" had routeing problems "customer X" had to backup
their link to "NSP B". I personally think most of its down to a lack
of education to the customers.
If more people in the world actually could see the scale of this problem
they'd probably do as much as they could to help.

But, then again, we all want to make money don't we? Sales and Marketing
don't you just love it!?!