Tools for streaming analysis

Hey folks,

Just wondered what others are using for traffic analysis, particularly for identifying the amount of streaming (audio/video) traffic on your networks. I prefer open source, whether free or commercial, but am open to any good suggestions.

Looked at ntopng and like it ok, but think it could be more flexible. Like the idea of pmacctd and friends, but not sure how I’d break down the streaming traffic with it. I’m ok with raw data…I can generate the graphs I want. I don’t like anything with Solarwinds in the title!

Btw, the data will be from a mix of Brocade, Cisco and Juniper routers, so sflow, netflow and IPFIX may all be used.


We’re been using elastiflow for about a year now with good results. It's elasticsearch in the backend, so be prepared to throw a lot of ram at it.