tools for BGP


I am interested in commercial tools for managing BGP.

I would be interested to hear which commercial tools BGP administrators
recommend or like; and why they like them.

I would be equally interested to learn which tools people don't like, and

If people don't feel able to name tools, then I would still be grateful for
a description of unhelpful features or an outline of why functionality is to
limited. This should not require giving product names.

Finally, I would be most interested if people think there are no commercial
tools which are of much use.

thanks in advance for your help.

BGPlay a web based service, freely available to the community since
2004, which allows graphical inspection of interdomain routing evolution
using public BGP data collected by and by

BGPmon can monitor your prefixes and alert you in case of a
'interesting' path change. Recently this has received quite some
attention. Specifically after the Youtube hijack and the demo given at

iBGPlay based on the same visualization technology of BGPlay it is
designed to inspect the interdomain routing evolution using private BGP
data collected from ISP's routers. iBGPlay can show the outgoing traffic
paths for all internet destinations and is especially suited for content
providers. Subscription to iBGPlay is free.

LinkRank BGP dynamics visualization tool "LinkRank" also presented at
Nanog 32 at Reston, VA (

FDBGet This little gadget will try to retrieve the forwarding table
entries (Mac to interface number) of switches (layer 2 devices). This
comes in handy when you want to know to which interface of a switch a
particular NIC (e.g. computer) is attached to. Now suppports parameters
for command line use.

Netdisco is an Open Source web-based network management tool. Designed
for moderate to large networks, configuration information and connection
data for network devices are retrieved by SNMP. With Netdisco you can
locate the switch port of an end-user system by IP or MAC address. Data
is stored using a SQL database for scalability and speed. It also
provide optional use of the Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP).

D-ITG (Distributed Internet Traffic Generator) is a platform (collection
of tools) capable of producing traffic (network, transport and
application layer) and of accurately replicating appropriate stochastic
processes for both IDT (Inter Departure Time) and PS (Packet Size)
random variables (exponential, uniform, cauchy, normal, pareto, ...).

Dummmynet A FreeBSD system for emulating the effects of bandwidth
limitations, propagation delays, bounded-size queues, and packet losses.

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