Tools BOF at NANOG-48

Dear all,

I am planning on organizing the Network Tools BOF at NANOG-48 with the
objective of presenting interesting and useful non-commercial tools that
have a fairly widespread appeal. Tool owners would make short presentations
and show usefulness of the tool with case studies. If you have developed or
know of a tool/package that you would like to include, please send me an
email directly.

As part of the tools BOF, I also plan to run a short 15-20 min "Tools
roundup" outlining the most common non-commercial tools used for day to day
networking tasks. The objective of this is not to present details of tools,
but rather a rough taxonomy. Feel free to suggest tools you find useful.



Hi. I'd like to see some content on log aggregation from multiple
sources (parse mail / web / IDS / netflow / ... etc logs) and analysis
of logs from these multiple sources. For security, traffic
engineering etc etc.

Using a tool like Splunk, for example - and any other alternatives to
homegrown perl scripts.