Tomatoes for Verisign at NANOG 29

Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 10:23:28 -0500 (CDT)
From: Rob Thomas <>

You can save the rotten fruit for my presentation instead. I'm
a moving target, and that makes it much more fun. :slight_smile:

Except for the fact that Cliff is still with us, I would think Rob was
the reincarnated soul of Cliff Stoll. Almost as fun to watch as he is
interesting to hear. Except for the objections of the hotel staff, I
would love to see a few lobbed in his direction. Rob would be
fine. No tomato ever was picked that could keep up with him, but the
action would be spectacular! Wouldn't surprise me if he could even
manage to get one thrower to land on on another. (I'm sure Cliff

Sadly, I almost always miss the Fall NANOG due to my commitments to the
ACM/IEEE SC conference. But I'm with Rob and the saner heads in
recommending against the tomatoes. It's just the sort of idea that
would appeal to many NANOGers but would get extremely negative press
reaction (and VeriSign would be sure that the press heard all about
THEIR view of whatever happens) and the admin people at VeriSign who
are the villains will not be there. Their generally very competent
(and often supportive) technical folks will be the only ones directly