tire 1 in Montreal

Hi List

I'm looking for two tier 1 providers in Montreal, with independent
fiber runs to the city.Which operator fit this criteria?

Thanks in advance

check TATA Communications (former Teleglobe).


It looks like Buffalo - Toronto - Montreal - Albany - Buffalo is a
popular ring route to connect into Canada
e.g. Level3 and Cogent use it (according to their online network maps),

It looks like these carriers (Global Crossing, Level 3, Cogent, Tata,
Tinet) have a pop in Montreal, does someone know if some/any are
sharing the same fiber routes?
or which carriers have the own diverse fiber route to/from Monteral.


Hibernia Atlantic is a leading wholesaler on that route. Many IP backbones use us. Most carriers use 360 conduit into Montreal. We do not. Lots of carriers use Wiltel conduit into Buffalo and then 360 into Canada.

Roderick S. Beck
Director of European Sales
Hibernia Atlantic

Level(3) has a lot of fiber in that ring route ... not sure who else
covers those areas from a physical perspective....