time zones

Blocks 7 and 8 went out around 11 PM local (that's almost an hour ago now)

What I meant to say here (as several have pointed out) is that blocks 7
and 8 went out at 11 *AM*

I've been converting between Pacific time and Eastern time all day,
and keep getting the sign bit mixed up.

Meanwhile, more accurate (but not guaranteed to be correct) data:

   Block 5 (the part that wasn't hit yesterday), Block 6, and Block 7
   were scheduled out at 10 AM and scheduled back by 11:40 AM

   Block 8 and Block 9 were scheduled out at 11 AM and scheduled back by
   12:40 PM

   Further outages were suspended at noon, until 5 PM, when it is expected
   that, barring a miracle, the last of Block 9 and all of Block 10 will be
   shut down.

-matthew kaufman
Tycho Networks/DSL.net