Thursday: Internet outage eastern Europe Iran and Turkey

ah! ok... I imagine there are a few knobs for each sort of thing that
can get turned. I think we've seen over the years at least:
  1) turkey blocking access to
       (looked like mostly done with static /32's?)

  2) egypt turning off internet for the country
     (prior to overthrow? - I believe 'phone calls to providers' was
renesys's conclusion)
    this article points at tunisia and iran as well.

  3) pktelecom bgp routery making youtube less cat and more pain. › blog › pakistan-hijacks-youtube-1

  4) prc firewall - forms of mostly DPI packet skullduggery
       blocking random http (really tcp traffic), specific DNS RRs,
disrupting/blocking various VPN technologies

I'd say it probably depends a bunch on whom is doing the poking, for
how long they plan
to make this work/not-work and the tools they have immediately available :frowning:

Figuring more of this out seems like a good plan though... I'm not
sure trying to
actively subvert any of these nation state actions is particularly
smart/healthy though :frowning:
  (note: i don't think YOU/scott are looking for this last part, but
generally speaking...
   it seems like folk put themselves in a bad place if/when they
attempt to get around
   a nationstate's actions, particularly from inside that nationstate)