Thursday: Internet outage eastern Europe Iran and Turkey

I hadn't seen messages about this Internet outage affecting multiple countries (Eastern Europe, Turkey and Iran) from Thursday.

Multiple fiber cuts affecting major parts of sub-continents don't happen as much any more. Yes, I still remember the day of FIVE (5) simultaneous, trans-continental fiber cuts in the USA. I was busy :slight_smile:

I don't know if Internet route diversity has improved... or people aren't sending me messages about them anymore.

Usually after a country as 3 or 4 major egress points, large-scale unintentional internet outages are relatively rare. Countries with only 1 or 2 egress points still have lots of problems.

Severed fibre optic cables disrupted internet access in parts of eastern Europe, Iran and Turkey on Thursday.

The issue, which lasted for about two hours, was caused by multiple fibre cables being physically cut at the same time, a highly unusual thing to happen.