Those 6 more As

58% whois
Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) (RESERVED) (NET-RESERVED-24) RESERVED-24

On a related topic: I am guessing that this is the first allocation
given to @Home by the InterNIC. I wonder how @home influenced
the NIC's "slow start" procedure and acquired a /14 when the first
allocation for every other ISP is /22 through /19.

What works for a company that does not (yet) have a single customer ?
Marketing hype, an ambitious business plan, impressive VC lineup,
media hype or the presense of a highly respected routing expert ?
I would like to know how we can "buy" addresses.

On another note, they were give something bigger than a /8 if I
remember correctly, they were given like a /6

also, we just saw this in our tables. 10:00:32 Serial0

than a quick look...

   Netname: RESERVED-2