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Good Monday Morning Everyone.

Quick Question:

What is everyone’s favorite software for running a looking glass.

A friend asked me this over the weekend - and while there are others available on the internet to use - it would be helpful for them to run one within their own network.

It has been a while since i have played setting one up so figured might as well ask

Used Hyperglass a bunch. Looks pretty, very extensive & configurable, support for most platforms. Highly recommend!


I use Cogent: and HE which is easier to remember:

Josh - there are a ton of public looking glass servers.
The idea here was to run their own.
which then gives them the ability to see things from their networks perspective a bit easier.

It’s not about what you use as aposed more of where it’s used from.

Several seems to use OpenBSD with OpenBGP and BGPLG.

I run both OpenBSD + OpenBGPd + OpenBSD/OpenBGPd’s LG, and BIRD + xddxdd/bird-lg-go (on two different servers, because I value my sanity) because they do a few things differently, and neither can show me everything I want.


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Hi Glenn,

I don't know if there are any packaged solutions but it would be a
day's work to write a web interface which scrubs the user input and
then shells out to traceroute, ping and vtysh (from Quagga or FRR)
respectively. The latter gives you BGP checks with Cisco-like commands
and output. Just run it on the same machine so you don't have to
directly access your router.

Bill Herrin