Thermal Load Calcs

We are getting ready to move our equipment from a place that had its own
air conditioning to a new NOC. Is there anyone who has any references to
sites with such info. Conversely can someone tell me the thermal loads
  cisco 2500
  cisco 2600
  cisco 4700
  cat 1900
  cat 2900
  cat 5000
  apc smartups 1400
  250w atx pc's
  sun ultra 450 w/ 2 ps

Got get the cisco book and look them up. It should not require that much
effort on your part.

Here's a start:

For peoples future reference for devices where you can't find Heat Dissapation
/Thermal Load etc. I've finally found a couple of numbers that you can use

   1 Watt = 3.5->3.7 B.T.U/Hour

the refernces varied. Size of Room is irrelavent for the thermal load, it is
only relevent when sizing the fan in the chiller. As an additional note
most chillers are sold in tons ie 1ton,2 ton,65 ton. A ton is defined as
12,000 B.T.U/Hour of cooling capacity.

Most sites have Thermal loads only for the "big" gear not the little stuff so
thanks to the people who forwarded the URLS that lead me in the right direction.

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