The World Responds to a Non Announcement


] Remember, the goal here is to get the registry to limit the number
] of blocks allocated. Then, provide a method to require those
] blocks to remain in one piece. I doubt that many people are going to not
] react to a note such as the following: (maybe a little less technical)

  [bureaucratia deleted]

  Running to the registries to save us is silly, silly, silly, and dumb.

  So many folx seem to coalesce all arguments into bureacratic governmental
  intervention. Several obvfacts:

  + We're not regulated.

  + The NSPs talk to each other because they want to.

  + People that want global connectivity choose their own NSP.

  + Our (at least USA's) "Internet" is capitalist.

  Accepting these assumptions leads to a simple conclusion: The NSPs have
  the power.

  When MCI, SL, UU, PSI, Digex, GI start enforcing a hierarchal CIDR
  announcement policy that *has no grandfather clause*, we will learn that
  our Internet model pushes away the next hurdle. The next hurdle of
  course calls for new technology. I'm reminded of Einstein's quote
  paraphrased, problems of today cannot be solved with today's thinking.

  Don't waste your time diddling amongst each other on this mail list
  about how the registries ought to be more forceful, or how the feel-good
  net.citizens ought 'do their part' and be communist^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H
  'sacrifice for the good of the whole'.

  Tell your upstream that outages based on routing table issues are not
  acceptable. If they don't get their act together, please pull out your
  service contract... You'll find a clause in your contract for 'unacceptable
  service'. Exercise it.

  We've got one in each of our contracts, as do our downstreams. We're
  this close to exercising one of these options on our upstream, and it's
  rather ironic that they've voices who most agree w/ me, although they
  blame all their problems on the other bad people who don't aggregate.

  More /19 business, Sean, only go deeper. Make the lazy hurt.

  Most people on the net right now are just dazed sheep. Put the fences
  up and herd them towards dynamic numbering and proactive planning, but
  don't look to the governmental agencies. They've given us Velcro and
  internetworking, let's leave good enough alone.