The US government has betrayed the Internet. We need to take it back

True I shot from the hip, he does address the concerns later.

It happens.

I'm used
to implementing technologies to solve security problems. It's just damn
frustrating to have your hands tied in such a way that you can not and
that's the position that I see myself and most other network ops in.

Maybe NSA has provided a marketing opportunity to get the public
to demand real security.

Our customers decided at the ballot box that they didn't want
protection and it was acceptable to entrust their privacy to the system.
They seem to forget that decision when they ask if they are vulnerable
to this type of intercept and what they can do about it. The answer is
not much because I will not and can not break the law, it's unethical
and wrong. I will encourage people to seek to change the laws to
encourage true end to end security but the odds of that happening are
near 0.

If everybody refuses to try, the odds are indeed zero.

So maybe we should try.