Deepak Jain writes:

I can see it taking a while for the initial laziness to be overcome, but
once it is in place, it could provide for a lot of improvements including
multiply-rooted TLDs.

The big thing is WHO would do this distribution? The Internic's systems
are already too overwhelmed and customer support is spotty at best.

If we pass it to those service providers that service others [i.e. 1st
tier] then its more work for them, but I can see it being a much more
reliable process.


Surely you jest.

Well, maybe not. I can see *some* of the tier-1 providers being reasonably
reliable about this.

On the other hand... I can name at least three national providers that I
wouldn't trust to configure their *own* DNS properly. (Don't ask, this isn't
the time or place for flamewars. :slight_smile:

While I'm not particularly enchanted with the Internic, I think that their
day-to-day proceedures are working tolerably well. (Note that I'm not
discussing their policies, just implementation). I'd rather see them doing
it than many other organizations.