As far as I know, as long as one of the IP addresses in a local
name server's root hints file is correct and that root name
server is reachable, the local name server will operate
correctly. Changes to the root hints file are currently not
terribly frequent, and updating it once per half year (or maybe
even less frequent) does not seem like an inordinately heavy

  I should probably not answer this since it has likely
  been answered. The tradeoff is one of a small number
  of well known routes that won't change vs periodically
  updating an increasingly large (20-20 million+) root
  hints files.

wanting to do the same or similar things. As the recent events
should make evident, the last thing we need right now is creating
a precedent for spreading /32 routes or needlessly propagating
other "special-purpose" and non-aggregateable routes.

- Havard

  Cisco Routers are going to fail, regardless of what we
  do with regard to controling routing table entries. We'll
  hit that brick wall soon and will bounce off and move on.