> I'd say the RA machines and root servers are something of common interest,
> esp. to the people who "make things go". I can't think of many/any other
> examples that I'd say deserve such special treatment.

Skip RSs. They use address space from networks on which they reside,
perfectly natural and reasonable.

'Deserve'? Is this like China 'deserves' a /8? Do root servers have egos
that need coddling?

Why do they NEED special address space? What's the matter with the address
space of the normal networks in which they reside? If there is someing bad
about those networks, then they need fixing, and access to the root (or
other) servers will be fixed with that change.


Actually, I put my foot in this only to point out that if you're going
to announce routes, wasting 253*10 addresses might be worth not having to
deal with legitimizing /32 announcements for any reason.

But thinking about it, if each root server has a semi-permanent IP/route
attached to it, it's easier to move it to a different provider in case
of trouble/emergency/etc..., no?