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  NAP operators making judgement about content... Hmm... I wonder
  if there are any applicable precedents here...


......... Steven Schnell is rumored to have said:
] Convenient for some, a headache for others. Any responsible NAP operator
] would have to either approve the application running on his network or
] shutdown its unauthorized operation. You know, like disable its
] connection to the exchange point!
] steve
] On Wed, 17 Jul 1996, Jim Fleming wrote:

You'll kindly notice that I mentioned application, not content, in my
previous comments. As a Layer 2 network provider I have no interest in
content (as I cannot survey what traffic goes on past above me).
However, I am keenly interested in the collocation of certain host-based
applications that may cause unnecessary traffic to be directed to the
NAP. There are a host (no pun intended) of other issues related to
supporting hosts at the NAP, such as the excessive space and power they
require, coordinating visits for maintenance and repair, security
(physical and network), etc. I suspect that not all NAP operators are
set up to take on the responsibilities of supporting these types of
applications on their sites.