The root nameservers will be replaced August 1st

I'm saying that an unofficial body appears to be implementing a system of
alternative root nameservers at exchange points. This is what they claim.
I want to know if this could be true, i.e. would an XP allow that sort of
colo server for starters. This has nothing to do with the official root
nameservers whatsoever except that this group wants people to use their
root servers rather than the official ones.

The XPs allow colo servers right now (the RAs). Such name servers could
be even run on the RA servers, though I doubt that'd happen :slight_smile:

I also want to know if this placement of servers would have any impact on
network operations. Since this list is filled with the people who run
XP's and who colocate at XP's and who understand what's going on, I asked
this question here.

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You are correct in stating that servers are collocated at the exchange
points. However, their collocation and their associated application
(route database server) are sanctioned by the NSF as part of NSF
Solicitation 93-52. It would be a grievous error to assume that any NAP
operator would want to take on the responsibilities of securing a DNS
root server, ensure its availability and take the associated hits.