The root nameservers will be replaced August 1st

If the information in the following message means what I think it means in
then somebody is colocating an entire new set of root nameservers at
exchange points within the USA if not internationally.

Can they do this? Or are they bluffing?

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Well, without commenting religiously for or against the AlterNIC concept/
reality, I'd say that they can't force the issue since many sites will
be unwilling (or unable technically) to change where they point for root
DNS. I'm not aware of any huge problems with performance or reliability
among the existing roots...


> IANA runs their roots - what happens if AlterNIC gets enough people
> to recognize their roots, and serves out their own TLDs? Does the
> IANA have an enforcement branch?


Which, among other things, outperformed and were more stable than the
current roots.

What do you think might happen? :slight_smile:

Hint: This is not a hypothetical question.

I think some people might use them; others might not; and others claim
that they would never use them. The question is whether the others that
claim that they would never use them control enough of the 'net to make
the new/alternate TLDs useless.