The root KSK roll has occurred

On behalf of the root zone management partners (ICANN and Verisign), I would like to report that the root KSK rollover occurred at 1600 UTC today, 11 October, with the publication of the root zone with serial number 2018101100.

For the 48 hours after the rollover, we will be monitoring several mailing lists, including this one, so please reply here with any issues or concerns.


Congratulations for rolling the root zone KSK.

Pretty awesome moment in history, confirmed my DNS resolvers are showing 20326. Also, seeing the new key on public resolvers like cloudflare and level3, google and still have 19036, likely cache.

I can also confirm that all of my internal DNS systems see the new key. I am very excited for the future of DNS especially with many public resolvers supporting DNSSEC and DNS over TLS.

Bryce Wilson, AS202313

Well that explains the DNS weirdness I was seeing this morning. I had
just made a significant network change and initially thought I screwed
something up. After 10 minutes of halfhearted troubleshooting and
poking around my configs I began to suspect DNS issues. Before I
could do more digging, it magically resolved itself.