The power of water

Unnamed Administration sources reported that Crist J. Clark said:

On Sun, Oct 20, 2002 at 12:22:50 -0400, Howard C. Berkowitz wrote,
> 3. Consider putting data centers not in the ground floor on the basement,
> but not too high either. Sean, I believe, knows the specific NFPA rule,
> but IIRC you can't have a UPS with acid electrolyte above the third floor.
> So, you can put a data center on the 2nd floor and both allow the UPS
> and have a place for the water to drain.

This is not at all my area of expertise, but I'm curious, why does
does the UPS need to be on the same floor with the data center racks
at all?

Welll... "need"???

Issues include: buildings tend to rent by the floor, and various
FD regs govern penetrations and safety cutoffs.

But if those are solvable; real pluses are you can use low-grade
"core" space for both, with better floor loading. (Many buildings
are like WTC -- the support is in the center, everything out of
that is "hung" out there.)

And you segregate the machines from the fumes... ALWAYS a
good idea.