The Postel Network Operator's Scholarship

The Internet Society (ISOC) a 501c(3) corporation (http://, has agreed to
accept a restricted donation from an anonymous source to be known as
the "Postel Network Operator's Scholarship."

The Scholarship will be awarded annually to a recipient selected by a
"Selection Committee" consisting of a representative of the then
serving Board of ARIN (The American Registry of Internet Numbers - and a representative of the then serving
Steering Committee of NANOG (The North American Network Operator's
Group -

The award is intended to enable a deserving network operator who
would not otherwise be able to attend the Joint Meeting to do so, and
whose attendance at the Joint Meeting will continue to build on the
legacy of Jon's lifetime contribution to the Internet.

The Selection Committee will develop an open and public application
process, and will "whimsically" select the annual recipient
exclusively in response to the question: "What Would Jon Do?" if he
were asked to select a recipient. There are no criteria or
restrictions or other requirements, including but not limited to
nationality, location, age, or gender.

The scholarship will cover the costs of travel from the recipient's
home city to the Joint Meeting. It will also cover the costs of
Hotel accommodation at the Conference Hotel. It will include a daily
stipend for food, beverages, and incidentals. It is expected that
the attendence fee for the meetings will be waived by ARIN and NANOG.

The membership of the Selection Committee shall not be changed except
in the event that the membership of either the Board (in the case of
ARIN) or the Steering Committee (in the case of NANOG) ceases to be
based on the popular vote of the community each serve; in which case
the member whose process changes will be replaced by a similar body
that is based on the popular vote of the community that was served by
the ineligible member, and which will be appointed at the sole
discretion of the Board of Trustees of the Internet Society, and
under the same terms as the initial Selection Committee.

At its option, the Internet Society may increase or decrease the
number of recipients each year based on the current state of the
Scholarship Fund, and the variable costs of travel and accommodation.