The Outage

I suppose it could just be me.

Or it could be more than just me.

Anyone else noticing that at the same time as the giant FB outage, both the outages and outages-discussion lists are suddenly slow as molasses in January too?

Checking some headers on messages that do make it through to outages, I’m seeing delays up to an hour and a half.

I sent one messages to outages-discussion at 11:41 CDT (75 minutes ago) and haven’t seen it show up yet.

Jared, would you be able to post any system load graphs showing what the mail server is like during these kinda of massive outages?

With that many users on the mailing list, I can only imagine that it takes forever to process sending those messages out to tens of thousands of people at a time, especially when half of the messages send to the list are outside of the intent of the list.

Isn’t it “outages-discuss”, not “outages-discussion”?

Does it show up faster if you send to outages-discuss instead?


I was typing the list names from memory, not from my address book.

Another list member confirmed messages are showing up in the web archive for the outages lists but the delays are in delivery.