the original thirteen NSFNET regionals

This should probably read:
  MichNet Michigan Ann Arbor still independent
     --MichNet is owned and managed by Merit.
     --Merit is a non-profit governed by its members -- 11 state universities
         in Michigan.
     --The NOC has always been and still is in Ann Arbor, but it started out
       as the Merit NOC which manged MichNet, CICNet, NSFNET and UMnet (the
       Universtiy of Michigan's campus network), then CICNet took its NOC
       business off to OSU/ATT, then the NOC moved from Merit to ANS (but it
       stayed in the same room, later it stayed with ANS, but moved to a
       new location still in Ann Arbor), CICNet came back, then the
       Univ. of Michigan created a new NOC in the same room where the old
       NOC had been before ANS moved it, the new UMich NOC provided services
       for UMich, MichNet, Merit's RA activities, and CICNet. The ANS NOC is
       still in Ann Arbor, but is completely separate from the UMich NOC.

The original T1 NSFNET attachment in Ann Arbor served both MichNet and
CICNet. So did the NSFNET T3 when it showed up later.