the original thirteen NSFNET regionals

Does anyone remember the NSF-sponsored regional networks? Can you fix
this table--this is off the top of my head so I am missing a few networks.

Can I buy a vowel?

Name Region NOC was or is at Now

SURAnet Southeast US Univ MD BBN SER
NEARnet Northeast US MIT? BBN NER
PREPnet Pennsylvania PSC merged w/ CICnet
BARRnet Bay Area Stanford? Berkeley? BBN WR
                                   ^SU then E. Bayshore Rd., Palo Alto
CERFnet? South Calif SDSC TCG
Yes, CA Educational and Research Foundation network
                                   NOC was at General Atomics facility near
CICnet Midwest ? merged w/ PREPnet
                                   ^was UMich, then OSU
Merit Michigan U Mich
JvNCnet Middle states Princeton bought by Verio
                                   ^JvNC Supercomputer Center, then Princeton
NYSERnet New York ?
                                   ^NOC provided by contract ISP (now Sprint)
THEnet Texas U Texas still independent
MIDnet Midwest ? bought by
Global Inet
WestNet mid SW ? ?
NorthWestNet Northwest U Wash still independent

Those are the "original" thirteen. Then there were OARnet, NetIllinois,
PSCnet, SDSCnet, NCSAnet, UCAR, CSNET, cypressnet, several DoD research
nets and the FIXes ...


Actually, this should be UMich/Merit -> OSU/ATT -> ANS -> UMich.