the NIC?

Have you requested a block and had trouble?


Well, ummm, yeah. We recently asked for a 256 address block of
Class C space and was told to go to ANS for addresses. We've
currently got a 256 block that's about used up, plus we obtained
another 256 block for a customer of ours who had burned their B.
We were asked to prove that we had used up both blocks (and proving
that we had) were then told to go to ANS.

I can put in arguments here about supernetting, routing, and
multihomed networks. It doesn't make sense to me for a network
that is multihomed to have a portion of someone else's address

We'd thought about just asking for a 1024 address block, but given
our recent experiences (we really got grilled on the second 256
block ["are you using those numbers"]), we decided not to even try.


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