The Mother of all Solutions (Was Class B for Sale or Rent)

Let me add a word to Brett's comments. This IS a world-scale

  If a LARGE GROUP OF NETWORK PROVIDERS (that's us, btw, nanog),
  decided TOMORROW that WE will assign address space and route to
  it, there is no force in the world that will charge for it, or
  be able to change it.

  Here's the Ehud Scenario:
    1. Tomorrow Paul Vixie gets a pirate hair up his dec alpha
         and puts in through
       in F.
    2. We start assigning nets from this block (64/8-126/8).
    3. We start routing to this block (ok, I don't own a backbone
           yet, but let me use "we" meaning nanog for now :wink:

  Is this unlawful? No. There's no law about announcing routes,
  nor about delegating them in private internets. For practical
  purposes, NANOG members form a private internet.

  Is this unethical? Some would say 'Sure, only the InterNIC and
  IANA can assign IP addresses.' Some tell me this thinking is
  obsolete. Jim Fleming would salivate, and Karl Deninger would
  laugh. Well, maybe.
  Is this impractical? I dunno. I figure we could bribe Paul with
  $ 2000 per assignment regardless of size (after all, two NS entries
  are all the same cost). After about 52 /24s, he'd double his
  yearly retainer income (all figures guesses with no real basis)
  and probably be able to retire to Caymans. (That's a Brett Scenario).

  Oh yeah, it's my idea, so I want anyone who gets an allocation from
  this scheme to send me a bottle of single-malt Scotch.

  Let me know if I've left something out.


  p.s. If I've pissed off anybody in this post, send me a private
       note via us mail. Be sure to include a bottle of single malt
       Scotch or your note will be returned. Just like email to admin@crl

Emilio Bugatti (sp?), at the time the maker of the finest cars in the world,
was asked why the brakes on his cars were not as good as they might be. He
replied "Any fool can make a car stop. It takes a genius to make a car go."

I suggest we focus on the latter.


Less ARIN and NIC are run by the principles Adam Smith described
in the early Nineteenth Century. I don't know, maybe Address assignment is
controlled by the unseen hand of god.

  The beginning and end of it is that selling address space is
against RFC's and ethics, and it should be left at that.