The Meat of The Matter

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Let's cut to the meat of the 'New.Net' matter...

Essentially we, the ISP community, are being invited to help a wanna-be
commercial registrar establish a new monopoly (read as 'gold-mine'), not on
just a couple of TLDs, but on a LOT of TLDs...

I would be one of the first to lament the failure of ICANN to establish new,
logically laid out TLDs... But this is NOT the way to force a solution, it
will simply result in massive headaches for all of our NOCs and Tech Support
organizations as they attempt to explain the resulting mess to John Q.
Corporate User. (Maybe all the resultant Tech Support hires will help the
unemployment situation??!!)

I think it's time for all of us that will end up having to deal with this
mess to stand up and say NOT ONLY NO, BUT HELL NO!

Tim McKee