the Internet Backbone

People are out to get smd for the same reason they have been out
to get people throughout history. He's smart, he's right, and he's
moving the world forward.

People aren't out to get smd. Most people don't even know or care who
smd is. Customers know and care about the results they get. Not who
got them, or how many billions was spent getting them.

Naturally, its up to each network provider to decide how they want to
run their network and their company. If they do an adequate job, their
customers will be happy, and their employer and shareholders will be

Different providers make different choices running their network. Some
providers think they run a better network sending traffic through a few
circuitous routes. Other providers think they run a better network using
more direct routes. History will tell which providers made the right

P.S. I wonder why Mr. Doran thought I was speaking of Sprint when I
mentioned complexity for complexities sake. I was actually thinking
about the ATM network fiascos. I'm glad to hear talented people at
multi-billion dollar companies think only the complexity needed to get
the job done was used by talented people at multi-multi-billion dollar