the Internet Backbone

Sean, the problem is that peopel are out to get you. I don't know why this
is, but it is true.

Nathan Stratton CEO, NetRail, Inc. Tracking the future today!

  I could tell you... but then I'd have to kill you...
  Really, people are only out to get Sean because they
  don't want to sign Vadim's NDA...


Ob NANOG Whine:

A new company showed up in town today: FlashNet out of somewhere, Tx.
One of our customers called them up and asked "How do you connect to the net?"
  "We have our own DS3"

He asked "Who do you peer with?"
  "Huh? We have our own DS3 backbone. We are the Internet."

It's interesting that lawyers get to become law-makers, so they can pass
laws that say if you're not a lawyer, then you have to tell everyone you're
not a lawyer before you open your mouth. For instance:
  "I'm not a lawyer and only lawyers can give legal advice but..."

It would be nice if NSPs/ISPs could pass restrictions, so that if you're
just a Couple-Kids-With-T1 you have to start every sentence with
  "We're not licensed to practice IP transit, but..."