The Cidr Report

This is not to pick on CERFNET but just to highlight a problem of
actually tracking the size of the routing table in general. This
CERFnet case seems to be this way becuase it is a direct peer of
Bill's box even though I can see no reason why the more specifics are

Looking a little more it seems a large amount of more specifics are being
announced to Bill's boxe which aren't being announced to the
router. Perhaps ISPs are taking more care at places like MAE-East with
their outbound filters than they are at Bill's peering point even though
Bill only has 6 active EBGP neighbors and the router has 39

Apparently true. The specifics leak from one of our CIDR blocks
was only being made to Bill's peering point ( otherwise known
as MAE-LA or MELEE when first started :wink: ). Being fixed shortly. Thanks

On the larger question, it would be difficult to find two places
on the net with a consistent view of the global routing table
although for trend analysis both MAE East and the Sprint NAP should have
a more of a representative view than MAE-LA.


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