The Cidr Report

   Hey, this looks pretty good. Let's hope the trend continues (if, in fact,
   there *is* a trend).

   >Date Prefixes
   >231196 40687
   >241196 40908
   >251196 40844
   >261196 41043
   >271196 41074
   >281196 39803
   >291196 39735

I suspect that this is more due to the holiday than any real change. ;-(

Someone could do a paper on periodic influences on the number of global
prefixes. I'd really love to know when triple-witching day is... :wink:


  It may only be a trend as seen from the boxen.

  This is what I see from this neck of the woods:

sh ip bgp sum

BGP table version is 311040, main routing table version 311040
41429 network entries (126264/162202 paths) using 9935800 bytes of memory
10181 BGP path attribute entries using 1129596 bytes of memory
0 BGP route-map cache entries using 0 bytes of memory
5355 BGP filter-list cache entries using 85680 bytes of memory
Dampening enabled. 780 history paths, 63 dampened paths

This is what I see from this neck of the woods:

which is not very useful with no historical data.