The Cidr Report

Hey TB, neat stuff as always. A few comments for you and others


Number of ASes announcing only one prefix: 737 (378 cidr, 359 classful

Wow! Is a correct assumption that some 40% of the ASs could be

I do not see how you get to this conclusion. He did not say number of ASs
which only appear through one other unique AS, i.e. are single homed. Oh,

Largest number of cidr routes: 461 announced by AS3561
Largest number of classful routes: 1266 announced by AS174

Neat stuff. Could you list the top ten or five of each of these?

What is a 'top' prefix? Lowest IP? Shortest prefix? Actually, for
embarrassment sake, I would want to see the most likely candidates for
aggregation. But if I wanna see it, I can look in one of my routers.

Top 20 Withdrawn Routes from 08Nov96 to 15Nov96
  -304 AS174 Performance Systems International

Are congrats due to PSI?

Far out! Maybe so!

   -50 AS2914 WNA, premasticated for MCI :slight_smile:


Sorry. I have to convert my RADB RPSL one into a placeholder RIPE-181++ for
the MCI-RR, and that's the descr:. For the real aut-num: see the RADB. I
would think Tony would be picking up the latter. Old habits, TB?