The Bogon Reference Page

Hi, NANOGers.

[ Apologies to those of you who have seen this post in other fora. ]

Many of you have requested a variety of methods for obtaining a list
of the bogon prefixes. I have added several additional methods of
tracking the bogon prefixes, and I'm also happy to add that two
folks have volunteered to be part of the effort. Thanks to Dave
Deitrich ( and Steve Gill ( for
the assistance!

You can now track the bogons through HTTP, e-mail (here and
elsewhere), DNS, RADb, and BGP. Feel free to use some or all of
these options. They are all detailed in the Bogon Reference Page
found here:

Thanks to John Payne, Jared Mauch, Boyan Krosnov, Eddy Dreger, Hank
Nussbacher, and Rafi Sadowsky for the feedback and ideas! Comments
and feedback are always welcome. Help stamp out bogons and bogus
ASNs! :slight_smile: