The Big Squeeze

@ On Sun, 2 Mar 1997, Sean Donelan wrote:
@ Number of routes, I know of 2 ISPs that we provided access to that were
@ mad because the nic gave them /19 and not /18. The providers are now out
@ of business and there are 2 /19 not being used, but at least they are not
@ /18. If the provider did get larger the nic would have gladly taken back
@ the /19 and given them a /18.

If there were regional IP registries that had an economic incentive
to reclaim those 2 /19s, then those would be recycled and reused.

If you accept that people are going to fail, then you have to plan
in advance for taking allocations back, or better yet, not renewing
the lease. This happens in real estate with office space all the

Many buildings do not fragment their space because they have
a hard time leasing small spaces. Again, there are economic
and market-based reasons for this. It would be nice if the same
could be said for IP addresses.

The ARIN discussions ( focus on some
of these topics.

Actually, the ARIN mailing list is not the place to discuss this, the
PAGAN list is. I do agree that something needs to be done to begin
recapturing unused space, especially from those organizations no longer
in business. This issue was raised in the IRE/PAGAN BOF at the last
IETF and needs to continue being seriously discussed.