The Big Squeeze

Nathan Stratton wrote:

> It's the renumbering part that I think gives people the most
> heartburn... By the time you get "big enough" to warrent your
> own block, you've got at least 32 ClassCs of which, I'm betting,
> at least 28 are "given" to LAN-connected customers. This is
> a _major_ headache not only for the ISP to go thru but also a
> major headache to force your customers to go thru. That is, what
> I think, is what really is most painful; that by the time you
> are big enough to have your own block, you're too big to want
> to renumber: Catch 22

Yes, but as a smaller ISP you can offer much better service, and help you
customers renumber. Yes I of all people know it is a _major_ headache, but
it can be done, and there are ways to do it.

Just because it is a "_major_ headache", is not a good reason to add a
route to the global table, or have the nic give you a bigger block then
you need at that time.

Oh I agree... It's just that I know of more than a few ISPs
who have done things like keep their current NSP, but with
something like a 56k line (so they don't have to renumber) and
then get a bigger pipe from somebody else and just use BGP to
make everything work...