The Big Squeeze

Craig Nordin supposedly said:

> > Shouldn't the big boys ... be forced to come up with a fairer solution?

> by who?

An even playing field where those who can only get a few class C addresses
are not excluded from multiple peering points. I think that this is fairer
to *everyone*.

So far, we have two unilateral decisions by those powerful enough to

Under current routing protocols, and current router hardware, the current
"wisdom" is that there will be a meltdown somewhere between 60 & 100,000
routes depending on who you ask. The /19 filtering is basically a defense
mechanism to protect current infrastructure.

There are a number of vendors who claim equipment either just becoming
available or will be available shortly that can double or triple these
limits. As to how long such an upgrade will take to hit the major backbone
providers and be field tested, I would suspect 18 months or so.

---> Phil