The Big Squeeze

Shouldn't the big boys (the ones who started all of this filtering)
and the InterNIC be forced to come up with a fairer solution? At
least if they don't do so voluntarily?

It is a fair solution, I did not like it. I started a few years ago with a
Sprint T1 and IP space, we then renumbered into some MCI space. After that
we got some space from the NIC. We then had to renumber that into a larger
block from the nic. When I started I wanted my small amounts of address
space to come from internic, but now that we have a nationwide network and
are connected to 8 NAPs I know why I had to wait.

The internic is not out to get the small guys, and if you get larger they
will give you space. You will just need to get your space from your
transit provider and then if you get big, renumber. I know there are a few
provider out to get the small guys, but most just want to make the net
better. Things like only peering with providers who are connected to all
NSF NAPs and filtering are things they need to do.

Nathan Stratton President, NetRail,Inc.