that 4byte ASN you were considering...

Personally, I care less about which notation we choose to express
four-byte ASNs than that *everyone choose one notation*. Choosing a

Totally, and I would be surprised if that were not the eventual
outcome. In the absence of any other format, the dotted quad will
probably bubble up into user interfaces eventually.

I think everyone else is wrong that there is going to be some sort
of heinous "y2k" doomsday scenario here in regards to breaking their
current-day scripts or operational practices, or if there were that
this is an issue to take up with the IETF rather than the vendors
making said changes.

As to whether this is within the scope of the IETF, note that they are
already going far, far beyond this in the Netconf WG, which is defining
a complete router configuration protocol.

Netconf absolutely, and zeroconf too. These are machine languages,
they aren't user interfaces. So this is just a level of indirection.

If someone were suggesting a change to the netconf wire format
that is not reverse compatible, that's obviously something that
should be brought up at the IETF!

But a change to the config file or web/scripting interface or
whatever that you use to trigger Netconf into action?

Totally not their bag.